Felix Hummel

Felix Hummel currently lives near Munich, Germany.

He loves tinkering with technologies touching ART – SCIENCE – ENGINEERING – DESIGN. A maker by heart, he turns ideas into reality from design to prototyping and manufacturing using 3D printing, CNC routing and other techniques.

As a natural explorer, Felix seeks every opportunity to experience a new perspective. He believes in RANGE and LIFELONG LEARNING. Professional education courses at MIT let him earn an Executive Certificate in the field of INTERNET OF THINGS, BLOCKCHAIN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and NEUROSCIENCE. AR, VR, XR and INDUSTRIAL METAVERSE are further fields he seeks to explore.

His passion for photography was discovered as Felix was a teenager, and it has intensified through every phase of his life – from freelancing in the events industry, study and now working in the tech industry. He accompanied the production team of „Wonderful World“, visited some of the world’s most beautiful and intriguing locations. With the motto, „Take only pictures, leave only footprints“, he reveals a new perspective on reality with every shot.
Today, photography is still a constant source of pleasure and fascination that he really can’t imagine living without.

Felix is always open to constructive feedback, and always willing to discuss ideas about the visible and the invisible in his work. And if those discussions help him shape the course of his next project, so much the better.


Artificial Intelligence
Internet of Things
Smart Home
CAD, CAM, CNC, 3D Print